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About the CPR Campaign:

The purpose of the campaign is to reduce storm and urban runoff through education and incentives. No action is too small. The more residents and businesses that act, the bigger the footprint and the greater the benefit to the ahupua'a of Maunalua Bay.

You can join at any time in 2021:

Each month the campaign features different actions you can take to CPR Maunalua Bay. Sign up to receive monthly reminders and thank you discounts to local businesses when you complete an action! 

This month, the CPR campaign is asking participants to join in the Earth Day initiative to pick up litter. Here are a few safety tips for participating in the Great Global Cleanup effort: 

  1. Wear gloves: It’s a good idea to wear non-permeable gloves when handling or picking up litter. Remember not to touch your face or eyes with gloves that have come in contact with litter.

  2. Wear bright colors while cleaning up litter especially near high-risk areas like roads.

  3. Social distance! Remember to space out and wear masks when participating in a volunteer group. 

  4. Properly dispose of your litter in the right municipal bins (i.e. recyclables, green waste, etc.)

  5. Celebrate! Each cleanup should be celebrated with a delicious snack and a cold drink to rehydrate!


The CPR Campaign is led by a consortium of community organizations, agencies, and businesses who are working together to promote education and inspire action to reduce storm and urban runoff within the community in the Maunalua Bay region.


T: 808-395-5050 x4

E: cpr@malamamaunalua.org