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About the CPR Campaign:

The purpose of the campaign is to reduce storm and urban runoff through education and incentives. No action is too small. The more residents and businesses that act, the bigger the footprint and the greater the benefit to the ahupua'a of Maunalua Bay.

You can join at any time in 2021:

Each month the campaign features different actions you can take to CPR Maunalua Bay. Sign up to receive monthly reminders and thank you discounts to local businesses when you complete an action! 

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August is National Water Quality Month! This makes it the perfect time to educate ourselves on where our water comes from and how we can take action to preserve it. Participating in this month's actions will help ensure that our water continues to be high quality and free of contamination. In the spirit of “National Water Quality Month,” we have THREE simple actions YOU can do to help protect the quality of our water.


1. Mulch your plants!

2. Make a rain garden!

3. Start an at-home compost!

Complete one of these three simple actions this month and be ENTERED TO WIN a $20 gift card from Growlers! 

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This Month's Actions: