Have you ever heard of a rain barrel
or wondered how they work?

Rain barrels capture water from a roof and hold it for later use, such as on lawns, gardens or indoor plants. Collecting roof runoff in rain barrels reduces the amount of water that flows from your property and diverts it from otherwise polluting our waterways with fertilizers, pesticides, and other contaminants. Utilizing a rain barrel can help:

1. Reduce flood volume

2. Improve Local Water Quality

3. Prevent Soil Erosion

4. Keep Your Plants Healthy

5. Provide Water During Droughts

6. Save You Money

7. Conserve Water

With the warmer summer months approaching, we encourage you to participate in our rain barrel giveaway. If you are interested in receiving a FREE rainwater assessment and want to be entered to win a rain barrel, please contact: runoff@malamamaunalua.org 

To learn more about how Mālama Maunalua and participating partners are addressing flooding in the Maunalua Bay watersheds, join us on March 8th at 6:00pm to discuss a new project plan and how the community can help ensure its success. For the link to the presentation please visit: https://bit.ly/MBFlooding.

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