Stormwater Runoff Project

Mālama Maunalua is participating in a project with partners to develop a plan utilizing an ahupua'a concept to address flooding in several watersheds that feed into Maunalua Bay, Oahu, Hawai'i. The plan will address the serious flooding issues confronting residential, commercial, and environmental resources surrounding Maunalua Bay by reducing the volume of the stormwater runoff in priority areas through  increased filtration with revegetation in natural areas and by slowing down or capturing the water from urban areas. At each stage of the water’s movement through the system, Mālama Maunalua and its partners will identify landscape restoration opportunities alongside environmentally-supportive engineering strategies to detain, retain, and infiltrate the water to reduce flooding.


The projects include: Green Infrastructure Assessments, Ungulate Removal, Flow Path Mapping, and Stream improvement.


Project partners include: Department of Land and Natural Resources, Birchline Planning, Interfluve, KMWP, Protect and Preserve Hawaii, Mālama Maunalua, and 3RWater


A meeting will be held on March 8th at 6:00pm to discuss the project and how the community can help ensure its success. The link to the presentation is:

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