August is In the Neighborhood Month

This month, our goal is to encourage the community to work together to reduce the amount of trash that finds its way into streets, storm drains, ditches, and streams. The water that flows off lawns and through the streets is known as “runoff,” and it significantly impairs water quality when it is ridden with waste, as the water flow brings the pollutants directly into Maunalua Bay.

In the Maunalua Bay region, there are approximately 50,000 gutters. Each gutter delivers urban and storm water runoff - pollutants, sediment, debris, garbage - into the bay. Let’s prevent debris, litter, leaves, and garbage from entering the gutters and bay.

How Does the Condition of my Neighborhood Affect Maunalua Bay?

Neighborhood pollution comes in all forms – cigarette butts on street corners, dog poop on the grass, food wrappers and bags blowing down the road, and leaves and soil clogging the drains. Whenever it rains, such waste flows through the gutters and into Maunalua Bay. The best way to keep your neighborhood clean is to set a litter-free example for others. Pick up after your dog, don’t drop trash onto the ground, and if you see litter lying around, grab it or report it. If everyone does their part to maintain the cleanliness of their street, then the entire neighborhood will benefit. A clean, healthy neighborhood results in a clean, healthy bay.


This month, we’re asking you to think of the bay when walking along your street, and to work with your community to keep your neighborhood clean.


Monthly Action Ask

This month, let's move beyond our own property and pay attention to our community!

Report Green Waste, Soil, or Litter!

If you see any accumulations of green waste, soil, or litter in stream channels, sewage leaks, or someone dumping trash and debris along streets and storm drains, report it to the City & County of Honolulu Environmental Concern Line. 

Environmental Concern Line: (808) 768-3300


Pick Up and Recycle Litter!  

 Clean Up After Our Furry Friends!


Pick up any trash on the sidewalks or roads in your neighborhood. Make sure not to pass by any trash as you're walking! If the item is recyclable, place it in the appropriate bin. Plastics are a target item to pick up as they are especially harmful to our environment. Plastics release toxic chemicals into the soil and make up for a majority of pollution.

And speaking of picking up after ourselves, it's also important to pick up after our canine buddies. Dog droppings contain bacteria and excess nutrients that wash directly into the Bay if left on the ground!

Target Plastics:


Adopt a Highway, Block, or Stream!

Adopt a highway, block, or stream near where you live. All you need to do is sign up through one of the links below and help clean up litter along your adopted area. You can volunteer as an individual or organize a group and adopt together.


Sweep Your Neighborhood Streets!


Sweep the street gutters in front of your residence and clear away debris, litter, leaves, and sediment in and around the curbs. This will reduce the amount of waste going into our storm drains and runoff into the bay.


Cleaned your neighborhood streets? Awesome! Snap a pic and:

Additional Resources


Additional Information:

Join a Community Cleanup

  • With approximately 50,000 gutters in the Maunalua region, read more on how to keep the storm drains in your neighborhood clean and clear.

Consider adopting one of these streams:

  1. Hahaione Stream

  2. Niu Stream

  3. Wailupe Stream

  4. Waa Ditch

Here's how to do it:

  1. Gather a team of volunteers (ages 12+)

  2. Make a commitment to CPR a stream

  3. Select a stream from this map

  4. Submit a completed application  

Adopt Maunalua Streams.JPG

Adopt a 2 mile segment along Kalanianaʻole Highway

Here's how to do it:

1. Gather a team of volunteers (ages 12+)

2. Have a representative contact