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This Earth Day, our Action ask is simple: participate in an individual or group clean up hosted on the Great Global Cleanup on the Earth Day website: https://cleanup.earthday.org/


Participating is easy: you just commit to spend a certain amount of time picking up litter from your neighborhood, beaches, or parks. You can sign up with groups as small as just yourself or as large as your community, and you can log any amount of time spent picking up, from 15 minutes to hours!


By joining in with Earth Day’s Great Global Cleanup, you are doing your part to reduce the amount of plastic pollution that makes its way into the watershed of Maunalua Bay. And because the cleanup can take part anywhere, you can help focus on your neighborhood or your nearest beach park to have a direct impact on the health of the Maunalua region. To do your part this Earth Day, sign up at: https://cleanup.earthday.org/!

Litter Pickup Tips


Get started with native plants

Native plants make great additions to your garden! Drought resistant, heat tolerant, and perfect for the summer, learn more about what native plants could add a touch of color to your garden!


Students get free seeds!

K-12 youth across Hawaiʻi are invited to participate in Seed and Serve Hawaiʻi, a youth at-home gardening campaign to grow the next generation of sustainability leaders across our islands. Sign up to receive a seed packet to begin growing their own at-home garden


Report your action!

Did you participate in this month's action? Be sure to take a picture of your compost pile or your responsible fertilizer use and submit it for your thank you discount! Mahalo for you support!

1) Wear gloves: 

It’s a good idea to wear non-permeable gloves when handling or picking up litter. Remember not to touch your face or eyes with gloves that have come in contact with litter.

2) Wear bright colors while cleaning up litter especially near high-risk areas like roads.

3) Social distance! Remember to space out and wear masks when participating in a volunteer group.

4) Properly dispose of your litter in the right municipal bins (i.e. recyclables, green waste, etc.)

4) Celebrate! Each cleanup should be celebrated with a delicious snack and a cold drink to rehydrate!

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