April is “How Bay-friendly is Your Property?” Month

This month, our goal is to encourage every resident to assess the property where they live (e.g., home,
townhouse) to improve on how your property captures urban and storm water runoff.
With this month being greatly affected by COVID-19 and folks encouraged to stay home as
much as possible, we ask that you take time to assess your property to determine how bay-
friendly it is.

Here are the steps:


Runoff Pollution in Hawaii

1. Download MM's 

"Property Water Runoff Assessment Guide" 

Untitled (Recovered).jpg

3. Refer to the Guide and to the handbook, "A Watershed Handbook for the Residents of Maunalua" for possible solutions


2. Using the guide, conduct an assessment of your house/yard to identify problem areas


4. If you have supplies on hand and/or can purchase them, implement the solution

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We are available by email and/or if you have questions on how to conduct the assessment and suggested solutions. 

To claim your discount, email us your list of suggestions and when you plan to implement one of the actions.


Additional Information:


There Are No Shortages of Actions

Once you inventory your property, you likely will have a range of actions in terms of scope, scale, and price, to reduce runoff. Some actions may be relatively simple, like changing the direction of a downspout filter (as you did last month). Other actions may be more complicated, such as install a rain garden. All actions – no matter how small or big – are important.

Remember to call or email us if you have questions.

Stay safe!

Many of the actions you can take to reduce runoff can be fun projects in your home during this time of social distancing. The Runoff Assessment Guide is a great way to involve keiki in a home survey and to teach them about the impacts our choices have on the health of the Bay. Stay safe and healthy!

Even the smallest actions


Are important